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Administrative Support

HCI | integrated solutions (HCI) provides administrative support and services, such as office administration, staff augmentation, financial planning, bookkeeping, travel coordination and processing, and physical distribution and logistics to Local, State, and Federal Government agencies. Customers include, but are not limited to, the U.S. Army; the Department of Homeland Security (DHS); and the National Guard Bureau (NGB). HCI provides accounting clerks; general clerks; office administrators; financial planners and high level professionals to meet your needs.

Office Administration. Provides highly-qualified, trained professionals to oversee and support day-to-day operations, including billing; budget management and maintenance; file operations and storage; mail operations; establishing and maintaining office systems; ordering and maintaining office inventory; scheduling; and recruiting and supervising junior staff, if necessary.

Staff Augmentation. Provides support in evaluating existing staffing and labor mixes and filling the gaps with skilled and qualified personnel per specific needs and objectives. Our staff augmentation approach provides customers full Human Resource (HR) services, such as background and reference checks, orientation training, sustainment training, and drug testing.

Financial Planning. Provides financial planning support to include investment planning, risk management, cash flow management, tax planning, and business sustainment planning. Our personnel assist customers with evaluating their current financial standing; establishing financial goals and creating a plan to achieve those goals. Our experts monitor the customer’s financial plan and makes necessary changes to effectively meet goals.

Bookkeeping. Provides Bookkeeping Clerks, Accounting Clerks, and Auditing Clerks to record and manage an organization’s day-to-day financial transactions, statements, and documentation with an emphasis on accuracy. Bookkeeping support services also include, but are not limited to, client invoicing; vendor payments; accounts receivable; accounts payable; payroll; posting to registers and ledgers; balancing and reconciling accounts; verifying consistency, completeness, and accuracy of accounting documents; assigning accounting codes; documentation review and reconciliation.

Travel Coordination & Processing. Provides travel coordination and processing to include planning itineraries and scheduling travel accommodations (e.g., transportation, lodging, special requests, etc.) in accordance with specified travel requirements and regulations. Our personnel provide support to include, but not limited to, verifying the most efficient and advantageous means of travel in terms of cost, availability and convenience; notifying parties of travel dates and requirements (e.g., medical and visa requirements, baggage weight limits, etc.) and ensuring all clearances have been obtained; assisting with travel forms and business transactions; and meeting and providing information to arriving parties regarding facilities, housing, and transportation.

Physical Distribution & Logistics. Provides physical distribution and logistics support services through providing operational insight and assistance to customers in regard to operational and productivity improvements; production planning and control; quality assurance and quality control; distribution networks; inventory management; and storage operations to improve organizational efficiency.

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