What We Do

“A trusted GLOBAL leader in technology solutions and professional services to those who serve our country”


HCI | integrated solutions (HCI) provides innovative and responsive logistics support services to Local, State, and Federal Government agencies, with emphasis on improving efficiency, effectiveness, and minimizing total costs.

Logistics support services includes supply chain management; advanced planning, scheduling, analysis, and optimization; enterprise support and performance metrics; materials management; warehouse management; and maintenance management.

HCI provides high-level expertise for the full range of logistical support, to include, but not limited to Master Supply Technicians; Heavy Equipment Operators; Warehouse Specialists; Stock Clerks; and Motor Vehicle Mechanics.

Customers supported include the U.S. Army; U.S. Army Sustainment Command (ASC); U.S. Army Forces Command (FORSCOM); the U.S. Army Reserve; the Department of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); Defense Secuity Service (DSS); the Theater Tank and Armament Command (TACOM); TACOM Life Cycle Management Command (LCMC); and the Defense Security Services (DSS).

Property Accountability. Provides property accountability and sustainment support to customers including the U.S. Army, branches of the Armed Forces, and other Government agencies. HCI directly supports customers with a variety of services to meet their property accountability and sustainability needs. Our personnel ensure 100% property accountability at all times for your materials, supplies, and equipment through conducting inventories (e.g., special, cyclical, wall-to-wall, or 100%) and ensuring transactions are documented accurately.

Asset Visibility. 100% total visibility of materials, supplies, and equipment through asset monitoring and tracking. Through the use and management of automated information systems, HCI provides inventory information, maintenance status and condition, and the location of supplies and equipment to customers upon request. This real-time capability allows customers to quickly respond to evolving needs.

Field and Sustainment Level Maintenance. Provides field and sustainment level maintenance to customers, including the U.S. Army and other branches of the Armed Forces. Field level maintenance support includes, but is not limited to, ensuring assigned equipment is maintained to the defined standard; Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS); inspections; fault detection, isolation, and verification and level of repair of serviceable materials; corrective actions to repair corrosive damage; replacement of unserviceable parts, modules, and assemblies; requisition, receipt, storage, and issue repair parts; and material readiness reporting. Sustainment level maintenance support services provided include, but are not limited to, repair of components and end-items; inspection, diagnosis, isolation and repair of faults within modules/components; heavy repair; area maintenance support (e.g., technical assistance and on-site maintenance); material collection and classification; turn-in of unserviceable items; and special inspections and modification of equipment.

Vehicle/Equipment Operators . Provides vehicle/equipment operators who are trained, licensed, certified, and road tested on customer-specific equipment. The vehicle/equipment operators provide responsible, effective, and safe operation of customer’s equipment and vehicles and support daily safety and maintenance checks; maintenance/repair recommendations; routine maintenance; and secure and safe storage of equipment. Additionally, HCI Vehicle/Equipment Operators maintain accurate working logbooks and recordkeeping systems; complete adherence to safety procedures; and regular communication with on-site management and staff.

Automated Information System Management and Support. Provides expert supervision and management of automated information systems to support readiness reporting and long and short-term recordkeeping requirements. HCI’s automated information system management and support services provide enhanced data accuracy, visibility and accountability to customers. Our personnel are skilled in properly managing information from its creation to disposition ensuring that mission-essential records are available upon request. Additionally, our personnel provide support in evaluating potential systems to meet business requirements and establishing processes for the collection, transfer, and destruction of data per applicable laws and regulations.

Operational Planning. Provides operational planning support services to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and the decision making process to improve our customer’s success. Services provided include, but are not limited to, evaluating and assessing policies and procedures; analyzing operational concepts and capability; and assisting with the operational execution of services. Our personnel support our customers through preparing project relevant documentation; conducting independent cost analyses of reports, concepts, and studies; and participating and evaluating operational readiness assessments and logistical supportability.

Storage Operations. Customer storage operation needs through processing, accounting for, and handling materials and goods in accordance with local, installation, state and federal regulatory guidance. Storage operation duties also include, but are not limited to, proper handling, storage, and preparation of disposal of goods and materials in accordance with respective state and Government laws; maintaining records; and maintaining a clean and safe work environment.

Facilities Management. Facility management support provides customer’s with the proper management and maintenance services to smooth operate facilities in a cost effective manner. Performance of facility management support services include, but not limited to, ensuring adherence to applicable occupational environmental health and safety laws; maintaining cleanliness and orderliness; proper waste management; installing building monitor, automation and security systems; establishing preventative maintenance procedures and initiate work orders for needed repairs.

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